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/ Leagues Of Votann: Hekaton Land Fortress


Leagues Of Votann: Hekaton Land Fortress


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Product Description

Key Features A devastating Heavy Support transport for your Leagues of Votann army Choose from an arsenal of heavy weapons and missile warheads Annihilate the toughest targets and deliver hard-hitting warriors to the battle The iconic battle tank and armoured transport of the Leagues of Votann, the Hekaton Land Fortress is as venerable and well-respected as it is powerful. With a fearsome arsenal of heavy weaponry and tremendously resilient armour - and with the ability to bear bands of Kin soldiery into battle - it is a versatile military asset, and a formidable bulwark against any foe.This multipart plastic kit builds one Hekaton Land Fortress, an indomitable heavy transport loaded with powerful guns. This mighty six-wheeled vehicle can be built with one of three powerful, adjustable turret weapons - a cyclic ion cannon to gun down the heaviest infantry, an SP heavy conversion beamer to carve a swathe through any target, or a heavy magna-rail cannon that can reduce even the toughest tanks to slag. This main gun is reinforced by two pairs of adjustable ball-turret sponson weapons - either bolt cannons or ion beamers.The Hekaton also sports a rear-facing MATR autocannon, and a pan spectral scanner which can be replaced by a missile silo - containing either a Kin's wrath, mountain breaker, or Ancestor's vengeance wearhead. The tank boasts reinforced layers of armour, all-around transport hatches for delivering its pugnacious cargo, and a pilot visible beneath a screen of clear plastic - the kit includes a choice of three different heads to customise your driver, as well as optional lights for the rollbars.This kit comprises 88 plastic components and 5 clear plastic components, and is supplied with a Leagues of Votann Transfer Sheet with 555 numerals, runes, and markings for prominent Leagues. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.