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/ Pathfinder Second Edition: Rage of Elements


Pathfinder Second Edition: Rage of Elements


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Product Description

Blaze like the sun! Crash like the waves! Thunder like a rockslide! Harness the overwhelming power of the most primordial forces of nature with Rage of Elements, a new 224-page rules resource for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game focused on the fundamental building blocks of reality itself! The elements are yours to control with the all-new kineticist class, which brings one of fantasys most popular hero types to Pathfinder. New elemental spells and gear provide tons of additional element-themed options for all character classes, and an extensive gazetteer provides an overview of the majestic elemental planes”including two new ones: the decaying Plane of Metal and the vast and orderly forests of the Plane of Wood. A meaty bestiary presenting scores of element-themed creatures helps to populate these alien landcapes”and liven up even the drabbest Material Plane dungeon! The gateways to elemental power stand open wide with Pathfinder Rage of Elements!