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/ Q Workshop The Witcher Dice Set Crones - Whispess Dice Set 7 With Coin

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Q Workshop The Witcher Dice Set Crones - Whispess Dice Set 7 With Coin


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Product Description

The Witcher Dice Set. Crones - Whispess In Crookback Bog, where the twisted tree branches were veiled in noxious fumes rising from a dangerous swamp, three ladies of the wood ruled over everything and everyone with their dark magic. Among the three ghastly sisters, Whispess was the most ancient, or at least so claimed the whispered legends of the swamp dwellers. Whispered, because if they spoke too loudly, the Crone would hear it ” as she demanded tribute in the form of human ears, which she hung from trees and through which, using primeval magic, she heard all that happened in the swamp. Gathering inspiration from The Witcher franchise, we created 7 polyhedral dice and a metal coin; this set brings to life the macabresque aura of Whispess' terrifying magic. Each dice carries pink engravings accompanied by ghastly runes on a shimmering red background; the highest value faces, with the coin's reverse, bear the haunting imagery of the ominous crones' sigil. The coin's obverse depicts the grotesque visage of the three sisters. The Witcher is more than a profession or a single character. The Witcher is an entire universe created thanks to the stories of Andrzej Sapkowski, in which choices and motives are never simply black and white. Colorful, full of unique charm, rich in non-standard phenomena, and described with lingual artistry, it later became the basis for video games, comic books, tabletop RPGs, as well as movies and TV series. If you know The Witcher from any of these sources, you know how enthralling this universe is. For us ” people who grew up with the stories from the world of The Witcher ” the possibility to create dice based on its famous and beloved characters is an honor. We have taken our time to carefully consider all the possibilities of both designs and color themes ” now visible to you in the form of the final product. These dice are born from passion, and we're proud that the person to receive them is someone who can appreciate them as much as we do¦ That someone being you... Lend her your ears The world of The Witcher is a fantastic place. Full of magical wonders, terrifying monsters, and layered characters. It offers everyone to escape the worries of the real world and slip into a place quite unlike any other ” regardless of which medium you choose to indulge in. Our dice are made with love for this unique atmosphere, attention to detail, and the desire to make all fans of The Witcher, regardless of who they are, be able to travel with us around the Continent in search of exciting adventures. The swamp hears all ” Shimmering red (mixed with glitter dust) polyhedrons are painted with pink engravings Crookback Bog ” This set contains 8 pieces: D4, D6, D8, D10, D00, D12, D20, and D2 represented as a metal coin. Ladies of the Wood ” The highest value faces of each dice and the coin reverse are adorned with an ominous crones' sigil, and the obverse depicts all three Ladies of the Wood. Official and inspiring ” The Witcher Dice Set is officially licensed by CD PROJEKT RED, produced in Poland, EU.