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Stormcast Eternals: The Blacktalons


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Product Description

Key Features An elite unit of monster hunters, led by the legendary Neave Blacktalon Includes four Stormcast Eternals, each with their own specialty, as well as their companion, a Soulscryer of the Idoneth Deepkin Contains five plastic miniatures, mounted on scenic bases From scions of the Dark Gods to marauding orruk warlords, threats to Sigmars people lurk in every corner of the realms. Neave Blacktalon, the God-Kings foremost assassin, is tasked with puting down these fell champions. In battle, Neave travels upon winds of magic to unleash storms of never-ending axe blows. Fighting alongside her are the Blacktalons, a band of tightly knit companions, each a warrior of deadly renown. This multipart plastic kit builds the Blacktalons, Sigmars premier hunters, consisting of Neave Blacktalon, Hendrick, the Silver Wolf, Rostus Oxenhammer, Shakana Goldenblade, and the Idoneth Deepkin Soulscryer Lorai. Together, they make a unit capable of taking down even the mightiest foe. Each of the Stormcast Eternals includes two head options - one bare and the other either helmeted or cloaked, allowing you to personalise your unit. This set includes the following:- 1x Neave Blacktalon- 1x Hendrick, the Silver Wolf- 1x Rostus Oxenhammer- 1x Shakana Goldenblade- 1x Lorai, Child of the Abyss This kit comprises 45 plastic components, including scenic bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.