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The Old World: Forces of Fantasy


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Product Description

On Pre-Order, Estimated release is 10 February 2024 ?It is a dark age, a bloody age, an age of strife and war, of Chaos and sorcery. Yet amidst all the fire and fury it is a time too of mighty heroes, of bold deeds, and of great courage.Warhammer: the Old World - Forces of Fantasy is your indispensable guide to the armies of order and civilisation.This book, used in conjunction with the Warhammer: The Old World Rulebook, provides you with all the information required to command your collection of miniatures on the field of battle.Inside this 192-page hardback book you will find army lists containing profiles and special rules for every model available for the following factions, alongside magic items and unique spells:- Dwarfen Mountain Holds- Empire of Man- Kingdom of Bretonnia- Wood Elf Realms- High Elf RealmsEach army list includes the Grand Army composition list for that faction, along with an introduction to the faction and a full description of each of the many characters and units it contains. Alongside this is a showcase of beautifully painted armies from the talented painters of the world-famous Eavy Metal team.This is an expansion to Warhammer: The Old World - you'll need a copy of the Warhammer: The Old World Rulebook, available separately, to use the contents of this book.