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Warhammer Underworlds: Grinkrak's Looncourt


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Product Description

Key Features A warband expansion for Warhammer Underworlds: Gnarlwood, including seven madcap miniatures Includes a complete Rivals deck for out-of-the-box play Contains 40 cards you cant find anywhere else, including the Looncourt's unique Quest objectives Grinkrak the Great leads his Looncourt into the darkness under the Gnarlwood. His Loonknights are a unique breed of grot - convinced by Grinkrak's stirring rhetoric (and some judiciously applied psychoactive fungi) that they are truly formidable warriors. Their king encourages them in this delusion, issuing them quests that, miraculously, they sometimes survive. Snorbo sounds the charge on his spore trumpet, sending both Pokin' Snark and Grib, Da Wonky Lance, bounding and charging towards their foes. Squiggly beast missiles sail overhead as they clash with their enemies, launched by Skolko and Pronk, while Pointy Burk and Moonface Nagz bring up the rear, eager for the dregs of glory.Grinkrak and his Looncourt are an unusual warband, to say the least. Weighing in at seven models, theyre one of the largest warbands in the game, making them ideal for board control and overwhelming your opponent. By undertaking Quests - objectives unique to this warband - fighters can earn glory points and become Inspired at the same time. This set includes a full Rivals deck to use straight out of the box, and the models are all easy to build - so you can get playing nice and quick.This set includes:- 7x push-fit Grinkraks Looncourt miniatures - no glue required to assemble, cast in gloomy green plastic to stand out even when unpainted- 7x double-sided fighter cards, one for each warrior in the warband - Grinkrak the Great, Snorbo da Spore, Pokin Snark, Pointy Burk, Moonface Nagz, Skolko and Pronk, and Grib, da Wonky Lance- 1x Grinkraks Looncourt Warband Background / Rivals Deck CardA 32-card Rivals deck consisting of:- 12x Grinkraks Looncourt objective cards- 10x Grinkraks Looncourt gambit cards- 10x Grinkraks Looncourt upgrade cardsMiniatures in this box are supplied unpainted and require assembly - we recommend using Citadel Colour paints.