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World Eaters: Lord Invocatus


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Product Description

Key Features A legendary HQ choice to lead your World Eaters army Charges from the skies atop Khal'guruth, spilling blood with horn and axe Can also be built as a World Eaters Lord on Juggernauts Lord InvocatusĀ is a master of swift raids, devastating counter-attacks, and relentless hit-and-run strategies. Also known as Khorne's Thunderbolt, this born marauder thunders through the air as if riding across solid ground, mounted on his massive juggernaut, Khalguruth. Devoted above all to the Blood God's service, Lord Invocatus leads his warbands from one battlefield to the next with supernatural speed, seeking always to spill as much blood as he can. This multipart plastic kit builds Lord Invocatus - a legendary warlord of the World Eaters Legion. This mysterious figure is mounted atop his mighty juggernaut Khal'guruth, Steed of the Burning Sky, and wields a pair of signature weapons - a bolt pistol called Trickster's Doom, kept holstered at his waist, and a peerless chainaxe dubbed Coward's Bane. His ornate armour bears all the signs of Khorne's hellish favour - from the sigils of Chaos to his biomechanical daemonic helm. _____ Lords of the World EatersĀ have spent countless mortal lifetimes leading their warriors into bloody battles across the galaxy. Some have achieved such great feats of carnage that the Taker of Skulls has seen fit to reward them with a juggernaut - a savage daemonic steed with brazen skin and molten ichor, capable of crushing all in its path as the two charge into the fray.This multipart plastic kit builds a World Eaters Lord on Juggernaut - a deadly killer mounted atop a brass-skinned daemon. This mighty warrior is clad in armour decorated with the symbols of Khorne, with a choice of two different shoulder pads for each arm, and can be built with one of two heads - an ornate crested helm, or a bare head wearing a snarling rebreather. The Lord wields an exalted chainblade in the form of either a vicious chainsword or long-handled chainaxe, and is also armed with a plasma pistol - he can be posed aiming the pistol at his enemies, or clinging to one of his mount's rings. His juggernaut steed is covered in biomechanical detail, and also offers two different head options - one with a sleek bladed crest, the other sporting a jagged horn. _____ This kit comprises 66 plastic components, and is supplied with a Citadel 90x52mm Oval Base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.